Our Voice – to Action

Currently, much happens at the regulating body level within the Secretary of States office for the states gaming industry. We must recognize that this includes both the for-profit gaming industry within the casino levels. It also includes the not for profit charitable gaming organization who really need a voice to both watch over our current laws and most importantly new laws that may be introduced that might negatively effect us.

We look to help improve our member revenue through legislative initiatives and systematically help introduce agendas to help accomplish our goals while keeping a watchful eye on the for profit agendas.

Our Work With Colorado Legislation

2022 Legislative Session

CCBA had a very successful legislative session. CCBA introduced two bills in
the 2022 legislative session. HB22-1093 changed the number of faces to be play from 54 to 100 and introduced “Strip Bingo Tickets” to the types of games that licensee’s can play during the session. The bill passed the legislature and the governor sign the bill last month. The effective date of the legislation is April, 2023. HCR22-1006 was a concurrent resolution that amends the constitution in two ways. First it changes the length of time an association has to be in existence from 5 years to 3 years. Second, it permits paid workers for non-profit groups. The Governor signed this bill this month. This item will be on the November ballot for everyone to vote on.

Past Legislation

We have had successful wins in the past legislative processes over the years. We have measures that we will continue to lobby for in forthcoming sessions that we believe will be of great benefit to our members and to state charitable gaming. A few of our past and present efforts:

  • Creation of a class one autonomous board
  • Paid Workers
  • Increase available payout bank for fraternal organizations
  • Electronic Pull Tabs
  • Increase handheld faces from 36-56
  • 50/50 Raffles for non-member associations