“The CCBA will represent the interests of all nonprofit licensed bingo/raffle charities in Colorado and be the voice of the state’s charitable bingo”

CCBA Mission

“CCBA is the voice of charitable gaming in Colorado. We advocate, promote, inform and
educate the industry.”

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Your Voice – Our Voice
In Charitable Gaming
As a Group
The CCBA is made up of industry leaders, charities, bingo hall owners and many others. A strong voice is needed for our industry.
Colorado Legislation
Legislative sessions happen each year. Many agenda items can effect member operations both good and bad. Our voice is heard through CCBA.

Colorado Industry Resources

Access resources that enable your organizational operations to stay up to date and in front of important decision making panels and lawmakers.


Colorado State’s
Gaming Legislation

Annual Sessions 2022

Our efforts with the 2022 legislative season will be focused in continued outreach to legislators to support our agenda in maximizing growth for Colorado Charitable Gaming.

What it Means to Us
The CCBA has a strong voice in our long term lobbyist. But he must represent many voices in order to be truly effective in protecting our interests.


Grass roots word of mouth always rings best in getting a message delivered. We make our graphics available to you the member in helping to promote our agenda. You can download from our resource center and use at your halls, organization and social media outlets. Make every voice, our voice.

CCBA Membership
Growing a collective voice for our non-profit gaming industry is paramount for the future or our organizations. Let’s rally to win!